Natural Eco Beech wood rings.  
approx. 70mm outer diameter : approx. 34mm Inner diameter : approx. 10mm thickness

Beech wood  suitable to be used to teethe on 
- The grain pattern shows lots of colour variation and distinctive flecks and pores 
- Beech has a higher shock resistance and is slightly harder than maple

The facts: 
- Safe for babies to chew on. 
- Perfect for those sore gums and budding teeth. 
- All our products are Eco friendly (100% non toxic because we sell them unfinished to avoid the risk of allergy and toxicity) 
- Naturally antibacterial when unfinished

Please note: Due to our wooden rings being 100% natural hardwood, there might be a variation in the colour and grain to the product shown in the picture.

All our products come unfinished (no oils or waxes used) to avoid toxicity and unexpected allergic reactions.