Mini wet bags are great for storing feminine products in such as breast pads, menstrual cups, cloth pads, as well as their disposable alternatives. They also make handy toiletry bags for toothbrush & toothpaste or makeup to go in. Or you can even pop a small nappy or some wipes in them for in your nappy bag - the list goes on.

They are approx 14cm wide by 17cm long and have a handle that snaps open and close with 1 zippered compartment. These are currently available in 3 different prints - Black & White Swirls, Feather Breeze, & Succulent Roses. Please let me know if you'd like an auctions set up for a different print.

What is a wet bag?
A wet bag is a waterproof bag made from either smooth polyester or plush minky PUL fabric which can be washed in the machine along with your clothes.

Note: While they are waterproof, it is recommended that you squeeze out excess water from items that you put in them, as the moisture can seep through the seams if overloaded.

Washing Instructions: Empty contents. Cold/Warm wash the wet bag in no more than 40 degrees with non-bio powder. Do not tumble dry.