Soft StepZ shoe collection has been specially designed for outdoor use. Ideal for pre-walkers as they explore their widening world in style, support and comfort!

Soft Stepz is a high-quality pre-walker. The advanced ultra-flexible sole has rounded edges to enhance stability and are perfect for your toddler on the move. The rubberized toe cap protects the shoes from wear and tear and their little toes as your toddler explores and grasps each new step. The support grooves provide optimal grip and enables natural movement. 

Soft StepZ Shoes have been created to enhance the natural growth of small, growing feet. Designed to stay on the feet, these soft shoes provide comfort and stability for your child when he's buzzing, taking the first steps or is already a small explorer. Soft soles shoes mimic walking barefoot, helping to harmoniously develop the natural foot.


Quick Features:

-Rounded edges enhance stability
-The rubberized toe caps protects the little toes and shoe from wear and tear
-Ultra-flexible sole and support grooves provide optimal grip
-Easy hook-and-loop closure