Wool is naturally non-allergenic and assists in regulating your baby’s temperature. Wool also has a naturally high fire resistance making it a safe bedding choice.

Fairydown are a Plunket "helping hand partner" meaning Fairydown Baby products have been endorsed by Plunket, meeting thier tight safety requirements.  Fairydown donate a portion of annual profit to Plunket so by purchasing a Fairydown Baby product you are helping Plunket to support New Zealand families.

The best for your baby, Fairydown wool.

* Premium high loft wool fill
* 300gsm
* White cotton case with 215 threads per 10 square centimetres
* US Sizing – 100cm x 130cm
* Soft carded wool encased in cotton and quilted with a straight stitch
* Satin binding
* Dryclean only