Chicco Physio Soft Soothers are the perfect shape to support your child's Physiological Breathing with their unique teat shape.

What do Parents love about the Chicco Soothers:

Its a thin, concave shape that points upwards; leaving room for the natural shape of the tongue. Lateral curves; which evenly distributes babies tongue pressure across the palate, allowing it to grow correctly. Special tiny ridges; mimic the natural ridges of the palate and serve as a point of reference to guide the tongue into the correct position. Why is Physiological Breathing important?

It improves the quality of sleep It reduces irritability It reduces disorders of the respiratory tract and the oral cavity. Bringing comfort to parents with its soft and thin base, which allows baby's lips to close naturally and the ventilation holes allows the passage of air and reduces the build up of saliva.

$10 for each soother